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Coming Late November 2024

Sacred Counsel is a holistic, alterative style of therapy which heals our connection to our subconscious, bodymind, inner parts, and sexuality along with our relationship with others, nature, culture, and ancestors. It can bring clarity, improve sense of connection, release trauma, and help address the underlying causes of symptoms such as anxiety and depression. Instead of asking 'what's wrong with you,' it asks 'what happened to you, how did these wounds occur, and how do we heal the damage?' It allows you to be fully heard, seen, and understood, to go into all the dark, human shadow parts of our nature with empathy and kind encouragement. As a Sacred Counsel Guide, it is my pleasure to walk with you through the unknown and to face whatever we unearth together.

I offer two options, one-on-one sessions where you receive undivided attention and group sessions to heal in community. 

Sacred Counsel Guides go through their own journey of healing and practice this modality daily. We learn by doing so we can fully feel into the processes and not only walk-the-talk, but embody and embrace these healing activities. We  work with rituals, dreams, embodied alchemy, trauma-consciousness, nervous system healing, ACE's, self-care, felt sense, Hero's/Heroine's journey, triggers and projections, archetypal psychology, boundaries and communication, trauma in the body, fascia, and herbalism. 
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