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Hello! I'm Keera Joel, a writer, narrator, Somatic Attention Therapy practitioner, yoga guide, and body worker. My biggest goal is to help increase love and connection in the world. I adore when I can serve others so they feel cherished, seen, heard, healed, and deeply understood. 


As someone who grew up feeling lonely and anxious, I have a passion to help people realize their worth and to connect with others in a healthy, loving way. I believe we are all worthy of love and that in general, people are good at their cores. Healthy connection to self and others is a hallmark of wellbeing, and I strive to increase that connection in myself and others. 


My other big passion is spinning stories that center around sex, shame, religion, and becoming who we most want to be. I like my characters to be diverse with different shapes, sizes, and quirks. It's important to me that they feel real, as if you could walk down the street and bump into one. I also want them to face the same struggles with self doubt, depression, and anxiety that many deal with on a daily basis. 

I've loved writing for as long as I could remember. The first story I remember creating happened to be Sailor Moon fan fiction that I emailed to a friend, haha. I loved the process of playing in a different world and seeing where my characters would take me. I took writing courses in high school and college, and each one felt like home. I still remember when one teacher simply assumed I'd choose writing as a career path, as if there was no other option. It took me awhile to find my way there, but here I am!

My joy for narrating began when I'd first read my rough drafts to a past partner. I felt even closer to my characters and became addicted to bringing them to life. It's been wild to learn everything from scratch and on a budget, but I have my beloved microphone, a sexy, insulated closet, and a whole bucket-load of patience and exuberance.

In normal life, I feel beyond lucky to live with my loving, sweet partner. I have a great group of friends. I like to take care of myself with mostly healthy food, yoga, and weight training. You can often find me listening to podcasts or finding it too tempting to spend all my money on fuzzy blankets and continued education. 

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