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Love and Sin Series: In this contemporary series, we follow a group of people who struggle to find themselves while dealing with the interplay of sex, shame, romance, and religion. 

Andi Connor is descended from bad people. With both parents in prison, she’s faithfully attended Northern Lit church since she was practically an embryo in an attempt to avoid their fate. Despite weekly attendance, she still feels lost. She’s out of shape, in debt, and can’t get her small business off of the ground. Her love life is non-existent, and the only person who seems interested is her best friend, Vee, but his apartment is a revolving door. It feels like her life is on autopilot-until the church’s new pastor, Michael Hudson, comes into her life.

They share a visceral connection and a chemistry that’s impossible to ignore. As she realizes her deep seated desires, shame and guilt from her strict religious upbringing begin to plague her. And when a once in a lifetime opportunity comes her way, she must make a choice.

Saying yes means discovering herself, finally reaching her dreams, and becoming the person she has always wanted to be. But it also means opening herself up and possibly getting her heart crushed. Saying no provides safety and security-but could still leave her feeling trapped, unchanged.


On paper, Michael Hudson appears like a wholesome, devout husband and leader. He helps run his father-in-law’s church, has a devoted, modest wife, and is rarely seen without his bible close at hand. In the dark, he is someone completely different, someone with sinful needs and desires that would make the devil blush. Despite that, he longs to lead a congregation of his very own and make an impact in an entire community’s spiritual lives. When he finds Northern Lit, a run down, dying church, he knows what he must do: repair it and be the leader it desperately needs all while keeping his secrets safely locked away.

Unfortunately, Northern Lit contains one thing that could bring all his hidden misdeeds out in the open: Andi Connor. She’s an alluring life-long member who immediately captures his attention. He finds himself unable to stay away, especially when he senses that she wants him as much as he wants her. Will he be able to resist so he can continue his lifelong goal of guiding his own congregation, or will he succumb and possibly lose everything?


Vee Connor thinks that he’s fully grown beyond the depression and anxiety that used to dog him for years. With a gorgeous wife, a mentor who loves him, and his own thriving business, life is perfect … until it isn’t. When his past comes back to haunt him and an unknown person harasses his wife, doubt begins to creep back in. He wonders if ever really overcame his past and if he can protect those that he cares for. Will he be able to prevail when it feels like everything around his is crumbling, or will he fall apart and fail those who matter most to him?


Life has put Jess Harris on a roller coaster. After not believing in love, she fell hard. After thinking she’d have a happily ever after, her partner abused her. After mourning what she thought was a miscarriage, she became pregnant. On top of it all, her partner died. She gave up her baby and decided single life was the only safe course of action.

That changes when her college friend Ashely comes back into town. Old feelings surface. With everything she’s been through, Jess struggles to find the courage to discover if she’s not as straight as she’s always assumed.

Savannah Skye, the worship leader at Jess’ church, Northern Lit, faces similar questions when Jess catches her eye. Considering Savannah is in a committed, twelve year relationship with her boyfriend Parker, she knows she can only be friends with the beautiful blonde. She contents herself with recruiting Jess to the worship team, but will she be able to stay safe as they grow closer and closer?

Curse Breaker Series: In this fantasy series, we follow cursed beings who go on delightful, spicy, kinky adventures. :D
Curse Breaker

Crescent the cursed White Wolf is neither human nor beast and belongs nowhere. She dreams of a life in which she doesn’t scour her family’s clothes, guard their flocks, and slave over meals day in and day out. While her town avoids her like the plague, they take advantage of her one gift, beast-talking. It’s that very gift that gives her a chance at freedom. The only issue is that it could cost her life.

A nearby town, Illia, is surrounded by a lindorm, a snake of massive proportions that eats any villager who tries to leave. Crescent must go to him and attempt negotiation without being swallowed whole. Once she meets him, she discovers he has other appetites that only she can fulfill. She must choose to either give in to his desire or risk being just another meal.

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