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BeHeld Yoga

The goal of my asana (yoga postures) classes are to help people get into their bodies, relieve tension, gently build strength, and appreciate the vessel that carries us. With a trauma-conscious approach, participants are encouraged to do what is right for them with several options given for various energy levels. That means you could strive for a fiery practice or one that is lowkey and gentle. You could bust out headstands or spend the entire time in a resting posture. Any and all are welcome. ​We celebrate all body types, ethnicities, genders, and orientations. I believe that asana is for everyone and that our true essence deserves to be appreciated, accepted, and adored.

As stated before, everyone is welcome, especially newbies. Each class starts with a gentle check in of the body, light movement, a mix of sun and moon salutations to warm up, moving meditation, slow, yummy, deep stretches, and guided meditaion during our resting posture at the end.

I also love that most of my yoga sessions look different from what you'd typically expect. Many involve intimidating spaces and loads of very in-shape, lean, bendy white woman (absolutely no shade against them at all!), whereas my classes tend to have a good mix of men and women and all body shapes and abilities. This is a safe space to be you and not strive to fit any sort of ideal. I believe that yoga is for all, and I'm so excited to bring asana to those who might not otherwise find it. 

I hope to see you soon!

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