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BeHeld Somatic Attention Therapy 
Duluth, MN + Virtual Anywhere


SAT is cuddle therapy where you’re the focus. It’s a modality where the client and practitioner share platonic human touch and the client receives undivided attention, complete understanding, and unconditional warm regard. Every session looks different and is based on your needs. It often involves whatever cuddling feels best in the moment while we listen to music, watch TV or a movie, or we chat about anything little or big. I’m happy to listen to little details of your life or your biggest hurts. All humans need to be understood and heard. I love to do that for my clients. I’ve experienced the pain when someone’s ignored or misunderstood me, and I’ve know the deep comfort when a person takes the time to really get me and intently listen. Every time the latter happens, I feel a profound sense of relief, an “ahh, yes, I’m not alone, someone understands!” There are further benefits beyond feeling heard. In a world where many are touch-starved, SAT helps fill the need for platonic touch. It can also reduce stress, lower loneliness, and guide others to learn about consent, boundaries, and how to ask and advocate for what they want. On top of that, it can let us get more into our bodies, feel connected, increase our sense of belonging, heal trauma, and improve general wellbeing. I’ve been gobbling up knowledge on how best to make you feel great. I'm trained and certified through the company Cuddlist. I also have a B.S. in Psychology, am a registered yoga teacher with trauma-conscious training, received a reiki 2 certification, and was trained by two massage therapists. I'm currently attending a Sacred Counsel Guide Apprenticeship Program that's like alternative therapy. I'm obsessed with learning about human connection and relationships and am constantly consuming info on how to best serve others to make the world a more loving and connected place. Many can benefit from SAT. Often those who are feeling lonely, recovering from divorce or loss, are in a relationship without much touch, or are looking for a safe space to be seen or to talk are drawn to SAT. Even people who don’t like touch can benefit. SAT sessions are client led, so if there is something you don't want to do, then you don't have to do it! We could talk or simply be in each other's presence. We could go for a walk or do a virtual session. SAT relies on consent, boundaries, and client-led sessions. As a practitioner, I'm trained to keep a platonic space and to only participate in a way in which I am fully comfortable in so that you know I'm happy to be there. You're encouraged to ask for what you want so that you have agency over your sessions. Both of us are allowed to say yes or no to anything and everything within that platonic space. I endeavor to bring unconditional warm regard and total acceptance to my clients so they can feel safe and appreciated for who they are. Sat is completely platonic. It's my goal to provide a nurturing energy. We wear at least shorts and a tank top, and all touch is kept away from areas that would be covered by a swimsuit. If you're searching for more, no shade, but that is something to search for elsewhere. If you do experience arousal during a session which can be a natural response, we'll shift our focus on something else and change things up if needed. In person sessions are $80 per hour. Virtual sessions are $40 per hour. I have a cozy, comfy, inviting office in Duluth. It has a six foot bean bag chair with a faux bear skin rug, plenty of pillows, and soft, luxurious blankets. I also can also travel to you in the Duluth, MN area or do virtual Zoom or phone sessions. I cuddle with all body types, ages (18+), ethnicities, genders, and orientations. I do turn people away who are searching for something sexual as that is not what I provide, and I don't want to leave anyone frustrated and wanting more. Testimonials: "Cuddle sessions with Keera in all honesty are something I look forward to more than anything else! I've been having sessions with her for almost a year now, and they've made such a difference in my life. During and after each session I feel such a sense of tranquility and peace, and the feeling carries over and stays with me well after the sessions and I truly have almost never again experienced anxiety or nervousness since I started seeing her! She's such an amazing wonderful and kind person and you can tell she absolutely cares about you and making sure you have a comfortable and perfect experience, and it always is! I'd recommend her services to anyone, and personally I count the days until the next sessions!" J "I truly had a great experience with Keera. She was professional, very friendly, and open to trying new things. Even though it took me a few minutes to warm up to the concept of cuddling with someone I didn't really know very well, I eventually settled in and felt very much at ease with her. After the session, I felt better emotionally than I had in a very long time. Even just one hour truly does make a difference. It's well worth it and I recommend it to anyone!" K "Keera's energy is a rare combination of strength to hold space and a tenderness of the heart that is awe inspiring to be in the presence of. Her compassion and nurturing demeanor combined with delightful charismfa and effortless boundaries put me at such ease; I feel truly heard when we have sessions! She exudes a healing peace that I never knew I needed." ​D

BeHeld Body Work 
Duluth, MN 


*Note - This service is taken on a case by case basis. Please message if interested!* While I'm healing shoulder issues, I'm offering body work with my partner who has a decade of experience. Our body work uses therapeutic touch, Eastern healing modalities such as gua sha and cupping, and energy care to relieve tension, release blockages, unwind knots, and bring a sense of ease and relaxation. We use warm massage oil, calming music, soft blankets, and candles to create a peaceful setting. Humans thrive off touch and attention. Many people do not receive enough touch and are rarely given undivided attention, so body work is an act of self care. It gives you a chance to unwind and feel cherished and taken care of. Body work is my passion. I started my body work journey over a decade ago. I’m Reiki II certified and have trained with massage therapists. I love to tune in and deeply listen to each client’s body and what they need. My goal is to make people feel amazing instead of beaten up like they might after an overly intense massage. We take all ages (18+), ethnicities, body types, genders, and orientations. We enjoy working on all kinds of people and are accepting of every shape and size. Gained a little or have body hair? No worries! Have something someone has shamed you about? We're here to bring acceptance for your vessel! The one rule is that we touch you and that you don’t touch us. We sometimes find that people want to return touch. While I’m happy to receive platonic touch during a SAT session, I require that clients keep their hands to themselves while we give energy work. It is a directional service solely focused on you. We also stay clothed (clients can get fully undressed, but we keep on our stuff). I’m fine if people react physically as that can be a completely natural response, but we want to be treated as valued professionals. Respectful clients who can control their libidos are our kind of people! Four our four-hand sessions, a half hour session costs $50, and an hour long session costs $175.00. Please contact me with any questions, and I'll be happy to answer them!

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